LARGO, Fla. -- The devastating death of 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau at the hands of his mother has left his family distraught and heartbroken, and the community dismayed.

  • Jordan Belliveau's body found 
  • Belliveau's mom charged in death
  • Celebration of life held Thursday at 5 p.m.

Belliveau's body was found in a wooded area near Lake Avenue and McMullen Booth Road Tuesday evening after he went missing Saturday night. His mother, Charisse Stinson, 21, faces aggravated child abuse and first degree murder charges in connection with the child's death.

According to police, Stinson told them she and her son were walking from their home Saturday evening when she accepted a ride from a stranger. She claimed that the man, named Antwan, attacked her and beat her unconscious. When she woke up in Largo Central Park, Jordan was gone, she said. The story though was all a lie according to police.

According to a police report, Stinson became upset with Jordan and struck the child across the face with the back of her hand. Police say the back of his head then hit a wall causing severe injuries.

He suffered seizures throughout the night, until he eventually died, authorities said. Police said Stinson then took the body to the wooded area and left the boy there.  

Belliveau's death has effected not only his family, but the community. People who didn't know the family came out to help search for the little boy. Now, complete strangers are joining together to remember Belliveau whose life was taken too soon. 

"We're gonna pray that God brings peace in this situation and justice," one community member said. 

Dozens of people came to the scene Tuesday evening. Many broke down when they heard the news that Belliveau's body had been found and this his mother had been arrested and charged in his death. 

Belliveau's uncle, Stephon Davis, said he is planning memorials for the 2-year-old. 

The first will be a celebration of life at the Largo Sports Complex at 5 p.m. on Thursday. A vigil and prayer service, set up by a local church leader, will be held on Saturday.

(NOTE: Thursday's vigil had originally been scheduled for Wednesday evening. Largo police announced the rescheduled date and location.)

"Thank you, God. Thank you. Now that I know there's justice, I just want everyone in the community to keep a hold of your kids," Davis said.