PARKLAND, Fla. -- The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission is holding a public meeting Wednesday. Lawmakers are discussing the role school resource officers play in protecting students, as well as reviewing files related to the deadly shooting in Parkland.  

  • Safety commission questioning role of SROs
  • Former SRO Scott Peterson to testify on Parkland shooting

The safety commission will also question those crucial minutes where former school resource officer Scot Peterson did not confront alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz.

The safety commission went into some detail about all of the disturbing signs of Cruz's mental illness and how the chain of communication needs to change among the schools and state to not miss those signs. However, the minutes Cruz walked into the 1200 building and shot more than 30 people, killing 17, and the response by SRO Peterson the moment shots were heard is what the commission will be scrutinizing. 

"He heard gun shots. At 2:23 he didn't enter. Why? Why didn't he go in? He could have done something. Why did he go away and hide? He could have saved those six kids lives on the third floor. Why?" Max Schachter, the father of shooting victim Alex Schachter, said. 

Peterson has also been subpoenaed to testify at the October meeting of the state commission investigating the Parkland school shooting, according to the chairman of the commission.