LARGO, Fla. -- A Pinellas County mother who heard about the Jordan Belliveau disappearance and murder has started a petition in hopes of preventing something like this from happening again.

  • Mom starts petition to prevent another tragedy
  • Petition seeks tougher penalties in deaths of children
  • Also seeks changes within DCF to keep kids safe
  • READ AND SIGN online petition

Miranda Lynn is petitioning for tougher penalties on those charged in the death of a child and changes within DCF to make sure children are in the safest environment. 

Lynn doesn’t know the family of two-year-old Jordan personally, but she says looking at her son, who’s the same age as Jordan, she was overcome with emotion with this case.

“To see somebody go through this, it’s sad. It hit home and I knew if nobody else was going to do something about it I needed to,” Lynn said. “As a mother it was gut wrenching."

"It was like, I heard the grandmother scream when they had recognized that they found the body, and it was like we talked about," she continued. "It’s something that you can’t unhear.”

She said when she found out how Jordan was killed and that his mother Charisse Stinson was arrested in his murder, it made her spring into action. Especially after learning that Jordan was living with a foster family for a year before being returned back to his biological mother in May, she says she knew the only way to prevent this from happening again was to demand change. 

She started with an online petition late Tuesday night.

“What I want to come from this, whether I have to go in front of the mayor, the governor, whoever it takes, to change the laws on everything,” she said. “Based off of being brought back into the home after DCF is involved, making sure it’s in the best interest of the child, making sure it’s a safe environment, safer than what they were in foster care and I want to make sure if this does happen they get the worst penalties they can possibly receive because it’s disgusting. It shouldn’t happen.”

Lynn said she plans to reach out to lawmakers in the coming days.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, not the Department of Children and Families, conducts all child protective investigations in Pinellas County. 

However, officials with the local child welfare system said DCF has initiated an internal review of this case.