LARGO, Fla. — New documents related to the life of 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau reveal more about his mother, who has been charged with the boy's death.   

New documents released indicate the child was exposed to gangs, drugs and guns during his short life. 

In almost 100 pages of confidential case files, multiple instances indicate a system that failed Belliveau.             

The problems started just weeks after Belliveau's birth. 

According to documents, Jordan was taken from his parents in November 2016 and placed in foster care based on a report that read: 

"The home is filthy, disgusting ..."

"The home was shot up 3 times in the past."

"There is concern that Jordan Jr. is exposed to firearms and drugs."

And that young adults visiting the home were "... gang members and felons with firearms."

During an unsupervised visit with his mother on June 18, 2017, a confidential document said Charisse Stinson was holding then 1-year-old Jordan, when she "walked in to the middle of a fight" at a Burger King restaurant. 

Jordan was injured in the fight. 

In the same report, investigators note a dirty home and drug sales and that Jordan's parents were both known to be dangerous people. 

During the next year, law enforcement records showed a history of domestic abuse between Jordan's parents. Some instances showed Stinson being the aggressor. Other times, Jordan's father was accused of battery on Stinson. 

The instances have left questions about how Jordan could be allowed to go back to his parents — especially considering that Jordan's foster parents were willing to adopt him. 

On Wednesday, Sam and Juliet Warren made a public statement, sharing memories of Jordan.

From January 2017 until May 31, 2018 they cared for Jordan. While in their home, he learned to walk and talk.

They wanted Jordan to stay in their family, but a court order forced them to give him back to his mother.

"We hope that Jordan’s loss will lead to the change that is needed to protect other endangered children in the system," said Sam Warren. "Jordan was failed by the system. He was failed by many people."