LARGO, Fla. — Family, friends and members of the Largo community gathered Thursday evening to remember 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau.

Danielle Stinson said she was shocked when she found out her sister Charisse Stinson was arrested and charged for the murder of Jordan.

Danielle Stinson said she didn't think her sister was capable of such an inexcusable crime.

"I would've never thought in a million years that I would be hearing about my sister is a murderer," she said. "Not just somebody on the streets. She killed her own flesh and blood."

Danielle Stinson said Charisse Stinson told their family the same story as everyone else, leaving them wondering how they could have prevented this from happening. 

"He's gone, that's it. You can't help but to blame yourself, like she could've called me. She should've said something," she said.

Charisse Stinson is one of seven siblings and their mother lives in Brooksville, according to her sister. Danielle Stinson said she talked to her sister all of the time and never saw something like this coming.

"We have the same mom, same dad. We grew up in the same house," she said. "I would have never thought that she would do something like this or these thoughts would have ever ran through her mind or she was even capable of something like this. You know?"

Danielle Stinson, who is a mother herself, said she could not imagine anyone hurting one of her children let alone hurting them herself. She said she knew of some of her sister's troubles in the past but never saw this coming and wants people to know her family is just as heartbroken as the rest of his family. 

"We're sorry," she said. "Jordan is just as much as our family as he was theirs. We don't condone any of this. We don't condone what she's done. And we're sorry. We miss him."

Danielle Stinson's says her family hasn’t heard from Charisse Stinson since she was arrested.