ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Tropical Storm Isaac strengthened Saturday evening, while Florence continues to meander closer to Bermuda. now makes up a trinity of storms in the Atlantic right now.

Isaac formed from Tropical Depression 9 at 5 p.m. The storm is located at 1580 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to 50 mph, and the storm is moving west at 8 mmph.

Isaac is expected to continue west over the next few days, and could be a hurricane by Monday.

TS Isaac has formed as the shear has lessened. There continues to be wind shear across the Caribbean which may degrade Isaac when gets there after Thursday.



Florence is a little stronger now, and models make it more likely that the storm will hit the southeastern United States sometime in the next week.

Maximum sustained winds are at 70 mph. Florence is located 790 miles southeast of Bermuda and is moving west at 6 mph.

Florence is expected to become a hurricane soon. It could be a major hurricane by Monday.

There still are big differences in the models by mid week when Florence gets near the coast.


Tropical Storm Helene is in the far Eastern Atlantic, just off the African Coast. It will affect the Cabo Verde Islands, possibly as a hurricane this weekend. Sustained winds are at 60 mph, and is moving west at 13 mph.

This system is expected to make a move northwestward and at this point should remain out to sea.