LARGO, Fla. -- Neighbors, friends and family members of Jordan Belliveau gathered at two different locations Saturday to honor and remember the toddler.

A small group gathered near the wooded area where Jordan's body was found Tuesday. One mother was there with her three children, including one that is the same age, height and weight as Jordan.

“It was rough, you know?” said Gloria Wolfe. “And then his [my toddler’s] brother and sister were asking how could this happen and you have to have that conversation, you know? And it's just hard."

 About a mile away in Largo Central Park, a larger crowd gathered to celebrate Jordan’s life. Many people in attendance vowed to give meaning to his short life and tragic death.

“You have to be there for each other," said Ashely Filnouy. “And that's the only way that we can prevent stuff like this, because if people have people to talk to, if people have people to depend on, stuff like this won't happen."

So far no funeral arrangements for the little boy have been announced.

Charisse Stinson, Jordan's mother, is accused of killing the boy. The boy had been placed in foster care in November 2017. The mother applied to have custody restored. Despite objections from Florida Guardian ad Litem, a judge ruled to restore Stinson's custody of Jordan on May 31.