ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Marion Nadon is the true definition of volunteer.

For 15 years, she's been doing that at Daystar Life Center in St. Petersburg.

The center is an outreach ministry of Saint Mary our Lady of Grace Catholic Church. It helps many below the poverty level.

Along with training volunteers, Nadon is in charge of the "clothes closet."

"The clothes closet supplies primarily daily, regular clothes for people," Nadon said. "Not dress-up but mainly regular clothes that they would wear daily."

Clothing is just one of a great many services provided by the community supported non-profit.

The energetic, young-at-heart Everyday Hero just turned 91.

She pretty much amazes all who know her.

"I keep forgetting how old she is because she hasn't aged in my eyes in all the years I've known her because she hasn't changed," said Daystar's executive director, Jane Walker. "She hasn't done anything slower and she just does more."

And when the three days she volunteers here are done, she is not done.

"I go to three different nursing homes and visit the people at the nursing home. I go on Sunday for an hour, Tuesday for two hours and Wednesday for an hour and a half," she said with a laugh.

Her mode of transportation? The city bus.