CLEARWATER, Fla. — Clearwater Fire Rescue personnel transported a man to the hospital Monday after he was bitten by an alligator at Cliff Stephens Park, officials said.

  • FWC handing investigation
  • Richard Peel, 35, sustained non life-threatening injuries
  • FWC toll-free alligator hotline: 1-866-FWC-GATOR

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said Richard Peel, 35, was retrieving a disc from a pond in the park during a game of disc golf when the alligator injured him. Peel was transported to Mease Countryside Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses said three people helped Peel from the water after the incident. The alligator, meanwhile, remained in the same spot.

FWC dispatched a trapper to the location, who then got the alligator out of the water. The alligator was reported to be 11 feet in length.

FWC is now conducting a full investigation of the incident.

No further information has been released.