LARGO, Fla. — Newly released audio recordings from custody hearings reveal what went on inside of a courtroom when a judge decided to return Jordan Belliveau to his mother.


Charisse Stinson can also be heard in the recordings asking a magistrate in February why it was taking so long to regain custody of her son. 

"So how long would this take? Because like, we're like ready. Like I- - you know, like seriously, I'm going to cry. It's like we picked out a daycare. Like we've done everything," Stinson said.

During that hearing a judge told Stinson that since Jordan's father was still living with her and he hadn’t completed the requirements to regain custody, Jordan would remain in foster care. 

Stinson told the judge Jordan's father was prepared to move out of their apartment they shared if it meant regaining custody of Jordan.

The audio recordings date back to January. At times during the hearings Jordan's foster parents can be heard. In several of the recordings the magistrate can be heard asking about the status of Stinson and Jordan's father, meeting all of the criteria to be unified with Jordan.   

General Magistrate Jennifer Paullin asks if Stinson was cooperative and if she had housing and income. At that time she was compliant. 

Two-year-old Jordan can be heard in the background of one of the recordings once Stinson regained custody of him.

Jordan was removed from the home after reports of violence, gangs, and drugs at the home where the parents were living.

General Magistrate Paullin said in the end Stinson did everything she was supposed to do to get her son back.

"Unless there is department or guardian ad litem is going to argue that there is a specific safety concern that would harm this child by reunifying, I agree with the mother’s attorney. Mom is substantially compliant," Paullin said.

In those recordings the magistrate said she was pleased that both Stinson and Jordan's father completed what they were supposed to do. She told them to keep up the good work and told them to work on their issues so they could secure a future for their son. That was three months before his death. 

The final recording was June 11, 2018.

That's when Jordan was reunified with his father. That was the last time the courts say they dealt with that family.

Spectrum News reporter Jason Lanning contributed to this report.