ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. —  Tropical Storm Florence continues to weaken (in terms of winds), but as forecast, the rainfall will continue for the next couple days. 

There have already been some areas in eastern NC that have seen over a foot of rain. The heavy rain will continue and flooding will be a big problem into next week even after the storm is long gone. 

Rainfall totals have already added up to over a foot in some spots. The graphic on the right shows that some areas will receive another 10 to 20 inches on top of what they’ve already gotten.


Tropical Storm Isaac will likely fall apart in the Caribbean this weekend.  Even if it holds together it will be very weak.  We will watch it to see if it can regain some strength next week in the Gulf, but as of right now there are no signs that will happen.

TS Joyce

Elsewhere the tropics are quieting down just as quickly as they ramped up. Tropical Storm Joyce will fall apart this weekend in the eastern Atlantic. Tropical Storm Helene will also fall apart this weekend in the eastern Atlantic. 

TS Helene

Helene is a tropical storm. It is looking very extra-tropical right now and is expected to become just that in a day or so. The Azores will get some wind. Helene will move off to the north in staying over the eastern Atlantic cooler waters.  

Tropical storm Joyce will meander around Helene then move northeast in the east Atlantic and never come close to the U.S.

In the gulf

We are also watching a trough of low pressure over the central Gulf of Mexico. There will likely not be any development before the system reaches the western Gulf coast later today.  

Heavy rainfall and gusty winds will affect southeast and south-central Texas.

Atlantic hurricane season runs through Nov. 30.

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