ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A computer glitch in processing registrations for the Sunshine Skyway 10K could open up race spots for some people.

When registration opened up for the event on Thursday on, the 8,000 spots available sold out within 20 minutes.

However, it was discovered later that some people were registered multiple times due to an external server issue, which prevented others from getting in. issued the following statement on the problem Friday:

"Our #1 objective is to minimize time and stress for the event, and we ask for your patience as we reach out and work to solve any related issues."

The company has started issuing refunds to people who were over-billed. It is also sending out emails to others who were shut out, offering them the opportunity to register.

The offer will be based on where a person was in the queue.

Organizers estimate this will free up between 300-600 spots.

People who are notified they can sign up will have 48 hours to respond before their spot goes to someone else.

Sunshine 10K spokesman James Judge said they plan to have a lottery system for registration in the future to prevent something like this from happening again.