ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The trial against a man accused of killing his daughter by dropping her off the approach to the Skyway Bridge has been postponed.

  • John Johnchuck murder trial postponed; no date set
  • Jonchuck accused of throwing daughter, 5, off approach to Skyway Bridge
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John Jonchuck is accused of throwing his daughter, Phoebe, off the southbound approach to the bridge Jan. 8, 2015. He is facing first-degree murder charges.

The trial was supposed to start next week.

In court Monday, the public defender's office presented a motion challenging the validity of one of the state's mental health experts.

The state in turn told the judge they needed time to prepare a response to that motion.

"We can't provide the court with adequate information on the motion if we aren't properly prepared, and then the court would be making the decision perhaps with only half the story," said prosecutor Douglas Ellis. "And I know the court doesn’t want to do that."

Defense team member Jessica Manuele said, "We think this motion needs to be heard. We don"t think this testimony should be in front of the jury, so however it needs to be done, we want the motion heard."

The new date for the trial has not been announced.

Last month, the state announced it will not seek the death penalty against Jonchuck. Prosecutors had previously said they would seek the death penalty. 

If found guilty, Jonchuck will be sentenced to life in prison without parole.