PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- Despite the threat of red tide in Pinellas County, most of the sea life is doing plenty of living off shore.

  • Charter fishing boats still operating in Pinellas
  • Red tide has caused dead fish to wash ashore
  • Boat captains taking more time to plan excursions

Some charter fishing boat captains say they’re having to take more time planning their excursions.

“Well, you make about five or six phone calls," said Capt. Joe Genovese, who runs Anglers Dream Deep Sea Fishing. "Pay attention to the winds. Easterly winds is pushing it off shore, westerly winds push it on shore.”

A few miles off shore, we could see more dead sea creatures everywhere. Most of the dead fish were floating large clumps, while others were sprinkled across large areas.

Genovese said even though the red tide is here, it’s not everywhere.

“We're able to fish around it and it's moving a lot," he said. “Years back I seen it where you had red tide when you hit the sea buoy and then it would last 14 miles out. Solid red tide. This time it's like streaky which from the aerials views that I've been watching on Bay News 9, it's exactly what's happening it's all streaky.”

So far Genovese says red tide hasn’t affected his business all that much since this time of year is typically very slow. However, he and his fellow fishing captains hope the currents start to flow in their favor soon before business needs to start picking up.