LARGO, Fla. -- Jordan Belliveau was laid to rest this past weekend, and today, his family is dealing with another painful reminder of his tragic death. 

Jordan's family is expected to start collecting items from the memorial left to remember and honor the toddler's life. Over the last few weeks, family, friends, and even complete strangers have been dropping off flowers and toys at his memorial -- many still trying to come to terms with his tragic death. 

Jordan's body was found in a wooded area on Sept. 4 after an Amber Alert went out about his disappearance several days earlier. 

Police said the two-year-old's mother, Charisse Stinson, later admitted to killing him. 

The heartbreaking situation has sparked a lot of anger and sadness within the community. 

Miranda Hoffstetter, 20, is working with State Representative Chris Latvala to make improvements to the foster care system and a newly formed group called Justice for Children is working to do the same. 

Jordan spent more than a year with a foster family and many believe he should have never been given back to his biological mother. Documents revealed that in his short life, Jordan was exposed to gangs, guns, and drugs.