TAMPA, Fla. -- President Trump is proposing new limits on green cards and visas. The proposed rule would make it more difficult for immigrants who would benefit from various forms of public assistance, like food stamps and housing subsidies, to stay in the country. 

The Department of Homeland and Security announced the new plan on Saturday. The agency said the purpose is to ensure immigrants can financially support themselves. By doing so, the agency's secretary said taxpayers would be protected. 

Federal law already requires those seeking green cards to prove they will not be a burden - or "public charge" - but the new rules detail a broad range of programs that could disqualify them.

The Department of Homeland Security said Saturday that current and past receipt of certain public benefits above thresholds would be considered "a heavily weighed negative factor" in granting green cards as well as temporary stays.

Those against the plan argue it would have negative impacts down the road. 

Florida Governor candidate Andrew Gillum called out his republican opponent Ron DeSantis during a Facebook Live video Saturday night, asking DeSantis to speak out against this plan, saying it would "disrupt the very fabric of our community."

"Call out his friend Donald Trump and let him know that these policies are inconsistent with who we area as a country and that we fully expect that this administration should once again get back into the mainstream of what are our true American values," Gillum said. 

The Center for American Progress said the proposal would mean one would have to first achieve the American dream somewhere else before even coming to the United States. 

The proposal published on the department's website will appear in the Federal Register "in the coming weeks," triggering a 60-day public comment period before it takes effect.