PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — The man who shot and killed Markeis McGlockton in a convenience store parking lot in July bonded out of jail Monday afternoon.


With his attorney and a bail bondsman by his side, Michael Drejka walked out of the Pinellas County Jail Monday.

His attorney, Lysa Clifton, said Drejka getting bonded out of jail was a surprise to everyone, including him. She said that’s what he wanted.

According to Clifton, Drejka instructed her and his other attorneys to keep it to themselves if he was getting bonded out, because he didn’t want to be disappointed if the bail didn’t go as planned.

Worked out a deal

Clifton said Drejka’s wife raised the money for his bond.

She also said Drejka’s defense team worked out a deal with the Sheriff’s Office about his guns. Clifton said she will confiscate Drejka’s guns and put them in a vault instead of handing them over to law enforcement, where they could potentially be destroyed.

She said she has to provide proof that she'd secured the guns to the Sheriff’s Office within a certain amount of time.

Shortly after being released from jail, Drejka pulled up to his Clearwater home. Though he has to wear an ankle monitor, Clifton says he won’t be confined to his home at all times.

“I don’t believe his ankle monitor limits him to the confines of his house," she explained. "However, I’m not a hundred percent of that. From what I understand, if he is to leave or stay anywhere else he must notify the bail bondsman or the sheriff’s office.”

Drejka claims he was "blindsided"

In newly released documents, Drejka provides detectives a description of what he thought happened that day.

He said he was “blindsided” when McGlockton “tackled” him. He also said McGlockton took a step towards him and his was afraid that McGlockton would “finish the job."

We know Drejka was released after that interview, when the sheriff said this was a "stand your ground" case. He was arrested weeks later after the state attorney’s office decided to file charges.

In those same documents Drejka called the Circle A Food Store where the shooting happened "his store." But will he revisit the store now that he’s out of jail?

About an hour after his release one woman had already put up a sign at the store where Markeis McGlockton’s memorial still sits.

The sign reads in part, “Markeis cannot come home to his wife or children but a murderer can go home to his wife and dogs? This is not justice.”

Clifton said Drejka likely won’t visit the store where the shooting happened.

“He’s not going to go to the store, but, and I doubt after any significant incident like this happens, you just go back to your normal life,” she said.

Attorneys for the McGlockton family had no comment after Drejka bonded out of jail Monday.