In the cold and rain, there's a strange sight on some trees in Port Richey.

Someone tied up jackets and sweatshirts to the trees in the Walmart parking lot on U.S. Highway 19.

Each jacket has a note saying: "I'm not lost. If you're cold, take me."

The cold weather gear is up for grabs, left by someone looking to help out as temperatures drop. It certainly inspired a few people who saw it.

"Unbelievable. I think it's a great idea. I should have thought of it myself," said Richard Arcaleo, who works in the shopping center.

Arcaleo says he has seen many folks around who could use a jacket in this cold weather.

"Most definitely. There's a lot of needy people over here these days and it's most unfortunate," Arcaleo said.

The question is: Who put them there?

Each note has the initials "B.H." and nothing more.

It's a mystery for now, but for some, a welcome sight in the cold.

"Makes me feel good. Very good. People need it. I see a few trees without them, so someone did take them,” Arcaleo said.

Spectrum Bay News 9 checked with businesses in the shopping center, and they did not know where the jackets came from.