Residents are starting a petition about one of the most dangerous intersections in Tampa.

The problem spot is Big Bend Road at the entrance ramp to northbound Interstate 75.

In order to get to that ramp, a line of cars has to cross in front of oncoming traffic. Many times, that ends up in a crash.

Laurene Bowe drives at the intersection every day and said the sheer amount of traffic is also part of the problem.

"It takes 20-plus minutes to get onto the ramp as well as getting off at I-75," she said. "The traffic is horrible and it's worse when it rains."

Resident Ronald McIntyre has taken matters into his own hands. He started a petition on and intends to send it to his state representative's office once it hits the required number of signatures.

As of Monday, he had about half the signatures he needed.

Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson checked in with both the state and the county to see if there has been any movement on getting help to the area.

Four items are now on the county's capital improvement plan:

  • Big Bend Road widening from U.S. Highway 41 to I-75
  • A study to look at widening from Covington Gardens to Simmons Loop
  • Improvements to the southbound I-75 exit at big bend, including a third left turn lane
  • Realignment of the westbound to northbound entrance ramp.

The next step for the county will be to determine the timeline on all of these projects.