PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — A Bay Area woman is on mission to reunite nearly 100-year-old photos with the family they belong to.

  • Bay area woman finds 100-year-old photos
  • Jaime Rock looking for owner of album
  • Album found near Eastlake Road and Keystone Road

As she flipped through decades worth of black and white memories, Jaime Rock couldn’t help but feel connected to the faces in the photos.

"I love seeing them, I love where they went, and they have a little dog named Skip," Rock said.

The people are complete strangers, but Jaime was drawn to them during a chance encounter a couple of weeks ago while driving near Eastlake Road and Keystone Road in Pinellas County.

"I jumped out of the car and grabbed it because I would be devastated if I lost something like this," Rock said.

Rock said the photo album was on the ground scattered among piles of old books and board games. She thinks it may have fallen out of someone’s car. It’s filled with family memories.

"He played basketball, then went off to college and met his woman, his beloved Betts and there's this love story in here of the two of them," Rock said.

The pictures date back to the 1920’s but unfortunately there aren’t many names.  The biggest clues Rock has are that the story started in Pennsylvania, the couple attended Penn State, there is a woman named Betts, and a man pictured in a military uniform. The family also spent time on the beach in Virginia.

"This is someone's ancestry, their history, their family. This is where they come from and I'm all about family," Rock said.

Rock is determined to reunite the album with the owners. If you have any information about it, you can contact her at