HUDSON, Florida — A group of Bay area businesses are paying it forward, working to help those affected by Hurricane Michael in some of the state's hardest hit areas. In return, they’re seeing an outpouring of support from their communities.

  • Items needed for children, for pets, food, water
  • Donations accepted at The Stockyard on U.S. 19 this weekend
  • Donations will be dropped off on Sunday

So far the 12 businesses collecting items have received a number of donations. They said they’ve gotten everything from toiletries to food to items for pets. 

Friday afternoon a truckload of donations was dropped off at Carol & Rogers Cricketers Bar on State Road 52 in Hudson.



"This is us coming together"

Jennifer Rimkis-Simon owns Ain’t Gonna Fix Itself construction company. She said this was a fundraising effort that she and several other business owners said they knew they had to put together after the storm.

“We’re in a really divisive time and everyone is complaining about it. This is a community right here,” Rimkis-Simon said. “This is a community effort, and this is us coming together as a community and saying, 'hey guys, you’re neighbors, you’re our friends. We don’t know you, but we know you would do it for us.'”

She said once they put the word out donations started rolling in.

Cindy Larson said she heard about the efforts and stopped by Friday to donate food and other items.

“It’s a disaster. I feel so bad for them,” Larson said.

Been there before

That feeling of sadness and going through a hurricane in the past is one of the reasons the people at the Stockyard on U.S. 19 joined in the effort. 

“It’s a familiar experience and it’s time to pay it forward, and the Panhandle needs it now, so we’ll do whatever we can to help,” said The Stockyard Security Supervisor Jeffery Burke.

The Stockyard is giving people who drop off donations to them a little incentive, as well. 

“Bring anything in, toilet paper, canned goods, water, clothes and we’re giving away a pair of David Lee Murphy tickets for November 2 for the concert here,” Burke said.

Donations are being accepted at The Stockyard until 2 a.m. Saturday morning and again beginning at 7 a.m. 

Donations will also be accepted all day Saturday at Carol & Rogers Cricketers Bar, where they will be serving food to those who stop by. 

If you want to donate and you’re not sure what to bring, the group says they need items for children, pets along with food and water. They plan to coordinate with government officials and drop the items off this Sunday. 

Full list of businesses:

Carol & Rogers Cricketers (Cricks 52)

7306 SR 52, Hudson, FL


(Drop-off deadline: Sat. Oct. 13)


The Paperback Exchange

6412 Ridge Road, Port Richey, FL



Kuryliw Chiropractic Rehab Center

11004 Little Road, New Port Richey, FL



Faupel Funeral Home

7524 Ridge Road, Port Richey, FL



Modern Day Property Management

3300 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL



Hobbs Hideaway

9933 SR 52, Hudson, FL



National Cremation & Burial Society

13011 U.S. 19, Hudson, FL



Nearly New Furniture & Consignment

12042 U.S. 19, Hudson, FL



Bearer of the Bling

6125 54th Ave N, Kenneth City, FL



LiveFit Bootcamp & Personal Training

7037 Elizabeth Ave, Bayonet Point, FL



The Stockyard

1916 U.S. 19, Holiday, FL


(Drop-off deadline: 2 a.m., Sat. Oct. 13)


Storybook on the Ridge

6926 Ridge Road, Port Richey FL