LARGO, Fla. — Carl Sarine is more than a volunteer at Heritage Village in Largo. 

At the village, Pinellas County's 21-acre living history museum, Sarine is an institution. The 85-year-old Sarine has been a volunteer there for almost 30 years. 

Over the years, he has worn a number of hats at the museum which exhibits a a variety of historic homes, general store, railroad depot, two schools, church, and other natural artifatcs from Pinellas County's past.

"When I first started out, I was a docent at the store," Sarine said. "And in the garage because I think the Model A kind of drew me into the garage."

He handled that role for eight years.

"And then I moved on to the doctor's office," he said. "I was the 'doctor' there in the doctor's office."

One of Sarine's real loves is studying the artifacts. His latest project has him creating a photo inventory of all the museum's artifacts. 

He added the great number of artifacts is a reason to visit. 

"If people get a chance to look at the stuff built in the 1900s," he said. "You really get a feeling that they were as smart as can be for the tools they had. All we've got is better tools. We have the same brains."

With the looks and energy of someone younger, Sarine credits his faith and a hearty laugh. 

"I laugh a lot," he said. "I thionk laughter is good for your brain. It's good for everything."