TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. — Florida's gubernatorial candidates both visited the Tampa Bay area on Saturday in an effort to get out the vote.

  • Gubernatorial candidates visit Tampa Bay area
  • DeSantis held a rally in Tarpon Springs
  • Gillum held a rally in St. Pete, Bradenton, Clearwater, Tampa

Congressman Ron DeSantis held a rally in Tarpon Springs at the Saint Nicholas Community Center. Following that event, he traveled to host other rallies throughout the state in Live Oak, Boca Raton, and Miami.

He spoke to his supporters about his vision for the future if he's elected, including not raising taxes and ensuring Florida won't have an income tax. He also said he will work with the federal government and ICE.

"When I'm governor, we are not going to be a sanctuary state and we will not have sanctuary cities," DeSantis said.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum also visited the Bay area. He held events in Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Pete, Clearwater and Tampa. In St. Pete, he hosted a block party where he addressed his supporters.

"It's time for working people to show up in our politics again," Gillum said.

Gillum spoke about his plans to improve access to education, improve the healthcare system and reform gun laws. 

"We deserve a governor who is prepared to stand up against the NRA and their radical agenda," Gillum said.

DeSantis also spent time speaking about newly-released records that appear to show Gillum might have accepted a Broadway ticket and a fundraising dinner from an undercover agent. The documents are part of an FBI corruption investigation centered around the city of Tallahassee and potentially Gillum.

"This is a guy that thinks, 'Hey I'm in position of power,'" DeSantis said. "He thinks he's entitled to have stuff showered down on him. He thinks that's what it's all about."

Gillum did not address this at his block party in St. Pete. Instead a campaign spokesperson released the following statement:

"One of Rick Scott's former political hatchet men decided to leak more documents about trips and events that have been reported on before. We'll be happy to talk with the Republicans about health care or public education. Mayor Gillum did not receive any contributions or in-kinds from Mike Miller."

Early voting ends next weekend throughout Florida. Election Day is November 6.