CLEARWATER, Fla. — A Clearwater man faces charges of false imprisonment and contributing to delinquency of minors after he allegedly suppied vodka, tequila, rum and beer to teens celebrating his daughter's 16th birthday, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

  • Christopher Blackarski, 36, arrested October 28
  • Teens included Blackarski's daughter
  • All teens sent home with parents

Deputies arrested Christopher Blackarski, 36, on October 28. They were alerted by the mother of a teenaged girl who picked up her heavily intoxicated daughter from the scene and took her to a hospital.

According to reports, four teenagers were inside of the home texting their parents, saying Blackarski told them not to go outside and pretend they were asleep so investigators would go away.

Investigators said while they were outside of the home, two of the teens were let out of a back door. However, they had to force their way inside to get the other two and arrest Blackarski.

All of the children were reportedly sent home with their parents, including Blackarski’s daughter, who went home with her primary guardian, her grandmother.

One neighbor who often sees the father and daughter said she hopes this is a lesson to all who were involved.

“Don’t drink, I guess," neighbor Adel Erdelyi said. "Underage drinking is illegal, so I assume he’s going to be severely punished, and kids should think twice when they’re going to a party or anybody else’s house to make sure they’re doing the right things.”

In addition to the false imprisonment and contributing to delinquency of minors charges, Blackarski was also charged with resisting arrest. He has since bonded out of jail.