SARASOTA, Fla. — Fourth-graders Kennedy and Avery Cole are on a trick or treat mission this year — but instead of candy, they are asking for donations. 

  • Brothers to trick or treat for hurricane donations
  • Kennedy and Avery Cole want to help damaged school in Panama City
  • GoFundMe page also set up 

"Trick or treat. Can you help donate some change to help rebuild a school in Panama City?" the brothers are asking of people. 

Kennedy was so moved by the images he saw after Hurricane Michael, he knew he wanted to help. 

"I'm just really hoping that people will be able to do their part and help donate to the school," Kennedy said. 

The brothers enlisted the help of their classmates and teachers at Lakeview Elementary School. 

"A lot of kids are caring about the candy and you know, Kennedy and Avery and a lot of other kids will be really trying to make a difference and help," Kennedy's second-grade teacher, Victoria Tyler, said.

All the money donated will go to Bay Haven Charter Academy in Panama City.  The school was one of the many buildings devastated during the hurricane. 

Kennedy asks that people donate as much as they can. 

"Everything helps, even just a penny," he said. 

The brothers also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money.