ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Hundreds of people gathered in St. Petersburg on Sunday to rally for transgender rights.

  • Hundreds attend rally for transgender rights
  • Trump administration reportedly looking to define gender based on birth
  • Organizers say change would "erase" Americans who identify as transgender

The rally was held after reports surfaced last week that the Trump administration would move to define gender based only on birth.

Organizers say that change would "erase" more than a million Americans who identify as transgender.

"To erase somebody, it's just wrong," said Nathan Bruemmer, who organized the rally. "So together we stand with our family members, our co-workers, our friends."

The rally was in response to reports that the Trump Administration would make changes after the Obama Administration loosened the concept of gender in many federal programs.

"We're here, we exist. We contribute to the economy every day," said Ashley Brundage who spoke at the rally. "If you're not going to count us, that doesn't make sense. 

Organizers encouraged attendees to vote on Tuesday.

So far, the administration has not publicly commented on it. ​