MELBOURNE, Fla. — So... how are you doing? 

Meet Brevard Zoo's newest resident, its first baby sloth. (Brevard Zoo)

We know the last week or so may have you a bit stressed. It doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you are on.

So, take a moment, and just enjoy this baby sloth.

It's the first sloth to be born at Brevard Zoo in Melbourne. It was born October 17, but this is the first glimpse we are getting of it (we won't know its sex for months).

The Linnaeus's two-toed sloth was born to mother Tango and father Dustin. It weighed 11.2 ounces at birth. 

Zoo workers are feeding the baby sloth every two and a half hours, and probably will do so for at least five months. (Brevard Zoo)

But Brevard Zoo workers say they found the baby away from Tango overnight, and the mother would not nurse the newborn.

They say since Tango is an inexperienced first-time mother, it likely led her to not care for the baby. 

Lauren Hinson, the Brevard Zoo curator of animals, is providing round-the-clock care for the baby. It is beign bottle-fed goat's milk every two and a half hours. 

They also gave the baby a choice of materials to cling onto, since babies are inclined to cling to their mother. The baby chose a sloth blanket from the zoo's gift shop.

The baby will stay in zooworkers' care for at least five months before the weaning process begins. 

The Brevard Zoo is located in Melbourne, Florida.

(Brevard Zoo)