ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Before the noon deadline for counties to submit their unofficial election results to the state, voters in St. Petersburg gathered for a rally.

  • Count Every Vote rally held in St. Pete
  • Attendees concered about ballot mixup in Broward County
  • Rally was 1 of 8 held across the state on Saturday

They stood near the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office to raise awareness about the importance of every vote counting.

"We want to make sure that democracy wins and we want to have every vote counted," said Ashley Green, an organizer of the "Count Every Vote" rally.

The demonstrators acknowledged that there weren't any problems counting ballots in Pinellas County, or the other Bay area counties. However, some were concerned with the ballot mixup in Broward County.

"I know that we’re in a county that takes the integrity of the election very seriously," said Green.

"We’re here for our other counties. We’re sticking up for them," said Danny Smith, a demonstrator. 

High school student Kai Tomlain was among the attendees. He's not yet old enough to vote but made it his mission this year to help his 18-year-old peers register.

"Voting is a superpower," Tomlain said. "It’s the greatest superpower we all share as U.S. citizens because it’s the one way we’re able to voice opposition to something or favor for something."

This rally was one of eight held throughout Florida on Saturday, including in Tampa.