LAKELAND, Fla. -- The city of Lakeland is expanding Lake Crago Park.

  • Lake Crago Park undergoing renovations
  • Recreation center, multi-use fields to be added
  • Construction expected to be completed by end of 2019

Phase II will feature a recreation center, multi-use fields with lights, and the ability to kayak, canoe, and sail in five of the lakes that touch the property.

"We live in Lakeland, and Lakeland is lakes but we don’t have any place…unless you own your own boat, you can’t get in the lakes," Deputy Parks and Recreation Director Pam Page said. "We think that you, that we should offer an opportunity of a rental so that somebody can just go out and try it for the day."

The 119-acre park currently has a dog park and boat ramp. 

Construction on the recreation center is scheduled to begin in December. Page said classes will be held in the center. 

"We’ll be able to teach the public how to kayak, how to canoe, how to fish," Page said. 

Page is looking for a vendor to rent the boats. 

Angler Charles Donaghe loves the concept. 

"I think that’ll be great, especially for the kids. You know if you teach a kid how to fish you have a friend for life," Donaghe said. 

Donaghe’s only critique would be the alligators in the lake. 

"They definitely need to expand the hunt to cover this lake," Donaghe said. 

Construction on phase II is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The city of Lakeland is spending $7.5 million on the project.​