PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – After seeing a story on Spectrum Bay News 9, a Bay area woman found a way to honor her uncle and help a team in Zephryhills restore a World War II era plane that will be part of a special 75-year tribute to honor D-Day.

For Bradenton resident Danuta Fabisiak, seeing the C-47 plane the Zephryhills team is restoring in person is overwhelming.

"It's beyond description," she said. "It's so incredible how those people the pilots and our service people would go and sacrifice their own lives trying to save everyone else's."

People like her uncle Father Chester Fabisiak, who was imprisoned at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany.

Planes just like the one in Zephryhills carried soldiers that saved her Uncle and so many others.

"I can't, it's like so touching right now to even look at those planes because they liberated, they saved so many lives but actually they brought freedom to the entire world," Fabisiak said.

Ed Franco and his team are restoring the C-47 to fly to Europe next June for a re-enactment of D-Day, 75 years later.

Fabisiak wanted to do her part to help. Her uncle, who passed away several years ago, wrote a book she recently helped publish.

She gave Franco and his team several copies to auction off or simply use to help educate others.

A gesture Franco said he and his team are honored to receive.

"This is amazing. Just to have somebody who actually has a connection to the time period such as yourself I appreciate you so much thank you," Franco said.

You can find more information about the restoration and June trip here.