TAMPA, Fla. — Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office deputies are investigating the discovery of three bodies inside a home damaged earlier Thursday by fire, according to the agency.

  • Fire reported at home on 16th Ave. near Margaret St.
  • Bodies found after fire put out
  • Medical examiner to determine cause of death
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Officials said Hillsborough County Fire Rescue initially responded to a 911 call about a house on fire on 16th Avenue near Margaret Street in the Palm River/Clair Mel area Thursday. Fire fighters successfully put out the fire, at which time the bodies were discovered. 

"At this point we just know there’s three," said Hillsborough Chief Deputy Donna Lusczynski. "We’re going to have to do a bigger search of the residence to make sure there’s no other occupants, and then again determine with the medical examiner what the cause of death was."

Luscyznski went on to say though the house suffered significant damage from the fire, it is structurally sound and could be searched once a warrant was obtained. 

Hillsborough Fire Rescue officials said they found evidence of "non fire-related fatalities" at the scene.

Neighborhood residents told us they're anxiously awaiting more information about what happened, as well.

"It's usually a pretty quiet neighborhood," said Arthur Houle, who lives nearby. "They've been robbed a couple times, but other than that everybody seems nice around here. This is a surprise."

No further information has been released.