BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — The Hernando County School District has come together to help students in the panhandle get back on their feet after Hurricane Michael. 

Each school in the district collected school supplies and clothes for students in Bay County. 

One by one box after box was unpacked, each filled with supplies for bay county students. 

"It really touches me because I know there's great need in our own community," Genele Firlik said. 

The students and faculty gave whatever they could, one donation simply a ziplock bag with change. 

"It looks like somebody cleaned out their piggy bank it had $1.61 to me that's one of the most precious things that we've received," Firlik explained. 

The district has only done the drive for two weeks. They have one truck ready to take the supplies to the panhandle. 

But they've gotten so much the district thinks they may need another. 

Interim Superintendent John Stratton said they reached out to bay county to find out what they needed right after the storm and when they got the list, they jumped into action. 

"That could have been any one of us in their situation we're fortunate to have not been hurt by the hurricane but they're our neighbors they're our friends they're our colleagues. That's what you do," Stratton said. 

Stratton impressed by the district's response, noting how vital these supplies are for bay county right now. 

"It's the basic necessities you take for granted and when you loose those the rebuilding process starts from every single item whether it be markers, pencils, paper, clothing," he explained

A community hoping their efforts will help students in the panhandle take another step forward in their path to recovery. 

The last donations will be picked up from the district office on Friday and the truck will leave for the panhandle on Monday.