TAMPA, Fla. — Sunday is the deadline for the state wide manual recount. As more counties report their totals, it is becoming almost mathematically impossible for Senator Bill Nelson to win re-election. 

However, voters still have until 5 p.m. Saturday to take action if their mail-in ballot was not counted because of a 'signature mismatch.'

So far 5,686 ballots have been rejected because of an unmatched signature, Nelson's lawyer tweeted on Friday. But even if all of those voters verified their signatures by Saturday's deadline and each of them voted for Nelson, he would still be behind by nearly seven thousand votes. 

Governor Rick Scott has called on Nelson to concede and is wasting no time moving forward. 

Scott tweeted Friday saying he plans to continue his work supporting veterans as Senator. 

Despite a manual recount called for the Senate race, there was no manual recount called for the Governor's race.

After the machine recount, DeSanits remained in the lead by more than 33,600 votes. 

President Trump congratulated DeSantis on his victory saying, "He never gave up and never will. He will be a great Governor!"
Andrew Gillum has not yet concede to DeSantis, and has tweeted saying, count every vote.
On Friday he urged voters to check their ballots before Saturday's deadline to see if they need to match their signatures.