TAMPA, Fla. — Friday is the final day of the 2018 hurricane season which produced 15 named storms, eight hurricanes, and two major hurricanes — Florence and Michael, which were both Category 4 hurricanes. 

Here are some facts from the 2018 hurricane season:

  • Hurricane Florence brought record flooding to the Carolinas in September. It took several weeks for many rivers to fall below flood stage.
  • Hurricane Michael was the strongest hurricane on record to hit the Florida panhandle.
  • Michael was the third most intense hurricane by pressure to make landfall in the U.S. behind the 1935 Labor Day and Hurricane Camille in 1969.
  • The season began before the official June 1st start when Subtropical Storm Alberto formed on May 25. It made landfall near Laguna Beach, Florida on May 28.
  • A record seven named storms were subtropical at some point. A subtropical storm is a named storm that has tropical and non-tropical characteristics.
  • The 2018 hurricane season was the first since 2008 to have four named storms active at the same time (Florence, Helene, Isaac and Joyce).

Here is a graphic showing the tracks of the tropical storms and hurricanes this season:

Here is a graphic of the 2018 storm names:

This video shows the satellite through the season. The names of the storms appear on the video when the storms develop. Watch through the 9 minute video to see all the storms of the 2018 hurricane season.