HOLIDAY, Fla. — Judging by the body camera video, you would never think someone could walk away from the crash.

  • Suspect identified as 29-year-old Justin Capell
  • Deputy Shannon Henrici suffered minor injuries in incident
  • Capell was clocked at 100 mph; he has previous arrest record

A sergeant with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office was wearing the body camera when it captured video of a suspect in a yellow Mustang plowing into another deputy's cruiser at 70 mph on US 19 in Holiday.

"These are the types of things that make you cringe," said Sheriff Chris Nocco.  "You thank God everybody is safe."

The video shows the sergeant jump out of his vehicle to check on Deputy Shannon Henrici.  She is clearly dazed by the impact of the crash, but is still trying to run after the suspect.

"We have great deputies, said Nocco. "That's all instincts and training and just not gonna quit.  She was not gonna quit."



The sheriff said the incident started when the suspect followed a couple from a bank.  When they stopped at an intersection on US 19, the suspect got out of his car, reached through the couple's open window, took a bag of money and then drove off.

A deputy in the area saw the yellow Mustang crash into another car and keep going.  The deputy gave chase.

They clocked the suspect at 100 mph and backed off the chase. The suspect flipped a U-turn, ran a red light and then plowed into the deputy's cruiser.

Other deputies chased the suspect on foot into a nearby storage business.  They tased him in order to make the arrest. That is all caught on video as well.  

Deputies identified the suspect as 29-year-old Justin Capell and said they found a crack pipe in his pocket.  

"This is a very violent individual," said Sheriff Nocco.  "From 2008 to 2018, he’s been in our system 35 times, robbery, drug charges, resisting arrest.”

Deputy Henrici is shown on the video after the arrests.  She says that she has tingling in her ears and her head hurts.

Emergency responders were about to take her to the hospital in the video, but it is clear that she suffered very minor injuries.