TAMPA, Fla. — Whether it’s going on a job interview or networking, it’s important to dress the part.

That’s the message a Hillsborough County youth group is trying send to the young men they help out.

  • BUBBA, Inc. focuses on mentorship, community service
  • "Sons in Suits" event aimed at celebrating achievements of participants
  • Organizers hope event can become annual tradition

Tying ties and ironing shirts are some of the lessons JaLem Robinson tries to teach teens in Tampa.

“We think it’s essential for them to know what a suit is, how to wear one properly, when to wear one,” Robinson said. 

Robinson founded an organization called BUBBA, Inc., which stands for Brothers United Building Brothers Alliance, Inc. The organization's goal is help young men improve their lives through mentoring, academic support, and community service.

On Sunday, they held the event entitled “Sons in Suits: Male Achievement Awards and Cultural Extravaganza,” to celebrate their accomplishments and also teach the teens the importance of looking their best.         

“We want to show them that appearance is everything. Your identity and what you put out matches the energy you’re going to get back,” Robinson said. 

The event also connects the kids with local leaders and other organizations with similar goals. 

Robinson hopes to make "Sons In Suits" an annual event as he helps guides teens in life after school.

“It’s all about mentorship and what they’ll see out of high school,” Robinson said.