PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — After years of controversy and millions spent in repairs, the former Belleview Biltmore will reopen this week as the Belleview Inn.

  • Renovation, approval process took approximately 4 years
  • New inn includes original four-story structure
  • Original hotel closed in 2009
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The original hotel in Belleair was partially torn down, refurbished and even moved 300 feet during a renovation and approval process that took about 4 years and $13 million. 

Walking into the new Belleview Inn aims at feeling like taking a step back in time. 

“Every room in this place, it tells a story about the original Belleview Biltmore,” said general manager Eric Waltz. 

The new inn includes the original four-story building of the Biltmore built in 1897.

While the rest of the old hotel was demolished, the new owners, JMC Communities, wanted to preserve the historical destination as best they could when they bought the property in 2014. 

“It was controversial at first,” said JMC CEO Michael Cheesum. “It was a huge hotel, such a landmark, such an impact, so many memories there.”

The inn’s lobby and 35 guest rooms are all restored with modern amenities, but they keep the overall look and feel of the original hotel. 

“It’s not what it once was, but it’s a great addition to the local area," Waltz explained. "You feel the Belleview Biltmore, what it was all about, in every room you go into."

The original hotel closed in 2009 after falling into disrepair and run by different management companies.  

It was purchased by JMC in 2014. The company spent $13 million restoring the property to make it the center of the new Belleview Place housing development.

The inn is now offering introductory offers of $179 a night that start on Saturday. ​