PLANT CITY, Fla. — As the nation mourns the loss of President George H.W. Bush, folks in the Bay Area are remembering him for his graciousness during special visits to the Florida Strawberry Festival.

Chatting over a cup of coffee and cherished memories, Patsy Brooks recalled two special visits from the 41st President.

"He was a great man, he was very gentle," Brooks said.

Brooks was the long time general manager of the Florida Strawberry Festival and had the honor of hosting the President and former First Lady at the Fairgrounds in 1992. The couple also visited in 1984.

"They were just kind to everyone. All the Secret Service, police, everybody was very cooperative," Brooks said.

Brooks remembers the couple for their kind hearts and ability to make complete strangers feel like family.

"They always acted like they had time for you. And they did take time for you," Brooks said.

Her photos and autographs will always remind her of a man whose life was very well lived.

"I just think he was a great humanitarian and really turned our country in a good direction. We need more good men like George Bush," Brooks said.

She hopes his legacy will inspire our country to come together and bring hope for the future.