DUNEDIN, Fla. — Volunteers with the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Dunedin spend every Wednesday morning doing a good deed.

"Each week we pack 12 items for every bag. Peanut butter, juice, we pack apple sauce and a fruit cup and a package of crackers."

Those items, among others are sorted, packed and stacked to deliver to two area elementary schools.

"It gives the parents and the children a sense of well-being in knowing that that they're going to be taken care of from that Friday at 3:30 when they leave school until Monday morning at 8 when they get back to school for the first breakfast that's going to be served," said Michelle Schombs, a Pack-A-Sack Co-Director.

Volunteers serving a community of kids they never met.

And those students don’t know the food comes from this congregation and grants.

"It's a ministry from our hearts to those children in this community," said Schombs.

A ministry that’s grown from ten sacks a week ten years ago, to at least 110 sacks a week now.

And from two volunteers to twelve.

Four-legged mascot, Artey a rescue dog who comes with one of the volunteers makes sure all the designated jobs on the assembly line are moving right along.

"I feel a sense of wonder and delight whenever we do this and it just makes me feel good inside," said Schombs.

Volunteers are feeling good, knowing children are being fed.