PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- Before moving into the Governor’s Mansion, Governor-elect Ron DeSantis made several stops across the state on Saturday, thanking voters for their support.

  • DeSantis kicks off "Thank You" tour
  • Governor-elect said he's focusing on Florida future
  • DeSantis made stops in Pasco, Volusia counties

DeSantis kicked off his Thank You Tour in Pasco County joined by his wife, Attorney General-Elect Ashley Moody, and a number of other elected officials.

DeSantis acknowledged the hard fought battle he went through to win the extremely close race, but said he’s now moving forward and focusing on Florida’s future. His first priority is filling out his administration. He recently picked former Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran for Education Commissioner. Corcoran was once one of his toughest critics.

"Some people say he was against you in the Primary, but for me it's not about me, it's about putting people in there who understand this and know how to get things done and can help do things on behalf of the people of Florida," DeSantis said.

Putting the past aside, DeSantis said he will work with Corcoran to improve vocational and technical training in schools. He wants to do a better job preparing people for citizenship and making sure low income families can get into good schools. DeSantis also addressed the red tide issue that’s been plaguing the Bay area for months, crippling the coastal economy.

"When people in other states see red tide, they don't know where that is in Florida," DeSantis said. "They just say oh maybe you don't want to go to Florida so we want to dis-spell that notion right off the bat and show we're taking action."

DeSantis said he’ll look into different technologies and innovations to research the algae bloom and even create partnerships with other states and countries to try and combat the crisis. He also said he plans on looking more into the freshwater releases from Lake Okeechobee and said the Army Corps of Engineers needs a different approach when it comes to discharges.

Governor-elect DeSantis and Lt. Governor-Elect Jeanette Nunez also made stops in The Villages and Volusia County.