CHARLOTTE, N.C.  — Stranded drivers, schools and businesses closed in places like Charlotte, N.C., all in the final weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday. It has been a nightmare for travelers and even those here at home.

For Floridians heading to the Carolinas, you might have trouble leaving Central Florida on Monday as 10 flights have been canceled. Most of them were heading to Charlotte.

But as the morning commute picks up, the big focus in the hardest hit areas is on the road conditions.

Even larger vehicles were having trouble getting through the snow in Charlotte, with a pickup truck seen trying to help a semitractor trailer that was stuck.

The strong winter storm began sweeping across the Carolinas late Saturday and within hours dumped several inches of snow.

The storm is expected to linger around throughout the day on Monday. The worst is over, yet they are not in the clear just yet.

Several counties in the Carolinas will be under a winter storm watch until midday Monday.

According to CNN, there was one weather-related death in North Carolina after a tree fell on someone's vehicle.

In some parts of the Southeast, even snowplow drivers were having trouble. One driver said that some places were about a foot deep and that his tractor was not strong enough to push the snow.

The severe winter weather impacted thousands of flights over the weekend. American Airlines canceled about 1,100 flights Sunday, most of them to Charlotte where American Airlines has a major hub.

Another 320 flights scheduled for Monday were also grounded as parts of Virginia were also impacted by the heavy snowfall.

Some areas north of Charlotte saw as much as 17 inches of snow. The snowfall accumulations this weekend alone were the highest they have been in two decades in the Carolinas.