TAMPA, Fla. — Hurricane Irma hit the Bay area hard in September 2017. 

  • Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay helping homeowners still dealing with damage from Irma
  • Hurricane Irma caused damage in the Bay area in Sept. 2017
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The images are still fresh in our minds and for some, the affects of the storm are still being felt. 

However, over the six months, some homeowners will get some much needed help.  

After 15 months of difficult conditions, Janetta Matthew and her family will get a new roof on her Sulphur Springs home. Her family is one of 20 that will get a new roof from the group Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay. 

And the help is coming just in time for Christmas. 

Matthew said since the storm, her home's roof has leaked and she has been careful with lights for fear it could cause electrical shorts. 

She said the family has had to use buckets around the house to catch leaks as they dripped through the roof. 

"I am so thankful," Matthew said. "I was like, when they told me about it, I was like 'oh thank you Jesus,' you know, because it is really hard out there 

"You know what I am saying, it's hard to get help, and they were there to help me and I appreciate them."

Officials with said in the next six months, it will install new roofs on an additional 65 homes.

The families getting new roofs did not have homeowners insurance and some had additional damage and challenges after the storm. 

In all, Hillsborough County saw just below 350 homes and businesses damaged from Irma and more than half of those were destroyed or saw extensive damage.