BRADENTON, Fla. -- A new state representative's first bill is aimed at bringing back septic tank inspections. 

  • Bill seeks to bring back septic tank inspections
  • Rep. Will Robinson is drafting the bill
  • The bill is aimed at reducing red tide and its effects

Rep. Will Robinson, R, Bradenton, won the District 71 seat in November and quickly began work on drafting the new bill. 

It would require Florida to get an inventory of all septic tanks in the state. The septic tanks then must be maintained and inspected every five years. The bill also states that a seller would have to disclose if they have a septic tank in a real estate contract. 

"If there are non-properly maintained septic tanks that are having issues and going to our waterways, I think it is incumbent on our state to step in," Robinson said. 

The legislation, he says, is aimed at reducing red tide and its effects. While the cause of a red tide bloom is not known for sure, Robinson believes that what goes into the water exasperates the problem. 

Robinson says the bill is a work in progress and he plans to follow it through until the end of session.