BRADENTON, Fla. — It is easier than ever now to get your hands on a life-saving drug.

Narcan or Naloxone has been around for years but has become more readily available as the opioid epidemic has grown.

The organization No Longer Silent says it will literally deliver it to your door.

"I've driven around with my daughter, who is in recovery, to what people call trap houses, to use where they go to use and we've handed it to them," said No Longer Silent President Gerrie Stanhope.

On Saturday, No Longer Silent will hand out 500 of the life-saving drugs. And it's not just non-profits getting these doses.

Through December 31, first-responders can apply for the Heroes Program through the Department of Health and get free Narcan through a grant.

Forty-five thousand people overdosed on opioids in Florida last year.

With numbers like that, the state has had no choice but to react to the problem, and get the drugs into the right hands such as firefighter Michael Dunn.

"It's going from constantly thinking about what are you going to encounter next, what type of person are you going to see on the floor lifeless, to being able to take a deep breath and saying, 'OK if something does happen, Narcan is available."

It also helps older people who overdose and take too much medication.

No Longer Silent holds meetings monthly.

This Saturday's meeting will be in Bradenton at the South Manatee Branch Library starting at 10 a.m.