ORLANDO, Fla. — What is Santa bringing you this holiday season? 

  • This is the season for last minute shopping
  • Less material things on shopper's lists
  • 134 million people expected to buy presents today
  • NORAD's Santa Tracker

If material things are not on your wish list, you're in luck because a study fron the National Retail Federation says 39 percent of consumers hoping to receive an experience gift and 23 percent planning to give one.

According to the National Retail Federation's survey reflects that gifts involving experiences such as a cooking class, spa treatment or tickets to a sporting event have continued to be popular. 

But if you're wondering what people are buying, the survey found 53 percent of consumers have already purchased clothing as gifts; 38 percent gift cards; 37 percent toys; 32 percent video games, books, and movies; 24 percent food or candy and 23 percent electronics or computer-related accessories.

It’s no secret that many of you will be receiving a gift you may not be too fond of and are planning on returning it. 

According to the December survey, more than 7 percent of Americans will finish their holiday shopping today. 

And to cater to those who like to wait, most stores will be open early and will close by dinner time. Also, Amazon is offering same day Christmas Eve delivery for Prime members and quite a few stores are still offering same day pick up. 

The survey also found that more people are shopping this year, with 134 million compared to 126 million from last year during the last weekend before Christmas.

The week immediately following Christmas (December 26 - January 1), is an attractive time for many holiday shoppers. 

More than half (51 percent) said they will shop during that period to take advantage of post-holiday sales.

For those of you who want to track Santa’s every move, you can see where he’s at with the NORADS Santa tracker.