LAKELAND, Fla. — The mother of a teen shot and killed by police officers Wednesday, sparking protests, is demanding more information into what led to the death of her son.

Michael Taylor, 17, was shot and killed by Lakeland Police while they were trying to arrest him on theft charges. Investigators said he was behind the wheel of a stolen car.

Taylor's mother, Valentine Irving, announced Saturday that she's working with attorney Michele Rayner-Goolsby and Black Lives Matter Restoration Polk Inc. to explore her options.

"We need answers as to how this transpired. How you conduct such a weary traffic stop? I've never seen a traffic stop like that. How do you conduct a traffic stop like that? Usually, lights come from behind and you're given a warning or something. I didn't see that on the video nowhere to say they were conducting an official traffic stop," Irving said.

Police Chief Larry Giddens said officers gave commands to Taylor and started shooting at him when he drove toward one of the officers.

Irving declined to discuss her thoughts about the surveillance video in further detail.

"I don't want to speak on the surveillance video. It holds a lot of vital and valuable information. So I would rather not speak on the surveillance video at all," Irving said. 

Black Lives Matter Restoration Polk Inc. and the Lakeland branch of the NAACP are helping Irving figure out what to do next.

"There are many questions that are unanswered. However, because we're in the process of giving the family options, we can't speak on the specifics or details of the case. But we do not agree on the information that has been put out to the media. We do not agree with the police version of events, either. But the truth will eventually come out," said Carl Soto, the vice president of Black Lives Matter Restoration Polk Inc.

Irving maintained her son was a good kid despite his criminal record. 

"He was a great kid that made no more poor choices than anybody did," Irving said. 

His mother said she supports the protests as long as they remain peaceful.