HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — As our communities grow, so do our traffic headaches.

In Hillsborough County, making the drive east or west across Brandon and Bloomingdale can be tough.

There are three main roadways: Brandon Boulevard, Lumsden Road and Bloomingdale Avenue.

All three are packed during the morning and afternoon commutes.

Spectrum Bay News 9 viewer Mary Ann Pidick is a Bloomingdale Avenue driver and says the intersection at Kings Avenue can be unbearable.

"Traffic turning east onto Bloomingdale from southbound Kings Avenue routinely blocks the intersection so that no one in the other travel lanes can move," Pidick said.

It's frustrating for everyone.

According to Chuck Henson's conversations with the county, officials know it's a troubled area.

Groups like Plan Hillsborough are studying the road way, looking at ideas like reversible lanes as a way to move traffic better.

But for now, from the county's perspective, there is nothing in the works.

"There are no operational improvements currently planned for the intersection of Bloomingdale and South Kings Avenue," said Chris Wilkerson, Hillsborough County senior media relations strategist. "Hearing that the intersection is unusually congested, we are sending an engineering team to investigate the traffic signal and ensure it is operating correctly."

A Brandon corridor study is nearly complete. Plan Hillsborough has removed the reversible lanes option and is now focusing on intersection improvements similar to what we are seeing as part of the Complete Streets Program, which would be intersection design and engineering based.