The Florida Department of Children and Families released a 2016 report on an investigation into claims of inadequate supervision and medical neglect of Nikolas Cruz, the primary suspect in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

  • Report details investigation of September 2016 incident
  • Cruz cut his arms while online on Snapchat app
  • Investigation closed two months later

According to the report, the case file was opened in September 2016 and closed the following November. The investigator filing the report noted that Nikolas Cruz was "a vulnerable adult to due mental illness," suffered from depression, and at one time was on medication for that depression.

The redacted report also pointed to Cruz having "fresh cuts" on his arms that he reported inflicted on himself while online using the Snapchat app, and reportedly expressed a desire to buy a gun.

When asked what triggered the cutting behavior, Cruz pointed to an argument with his adoptive mother over obtaining an ID to purchase a game. However, Cruz's mother reportedly disputed this, saying the behavior surrounded a recent breakup with his girlfriend.

The report also references prior action taken in connection with Cruz's mental health.

"In the past, Henderson Mental Health was called out to for Mr. Cruz to be Baker Acted but he denies everything," the report states. "In the past, he was taking medicine for his depression but it is unknown if he is taking any medicine now."

However, the report concluded that the initial risk level of Cruz hurting himself was low, and the assessment of his mental health found him stable enough to not be hospitalized.

The report also highlighted Cruz's mother finding a Nazi symbol he had apparently drawn on his book bag. Whe she questioned Cruz about it, he reportedly claimed he didn't know what it meant.

Click HERE to read the report on the Dept. of Children and Family's website.