Some Seminole High School students are getting hands-on experience and a head start on their futures thanks to an all new and unique sports academy.

Like most high school seniors, Brandon Behring is focused on his future. But unlike many others his age, Brandon has already started his career path.

"Basketball is my favorite sport. I played it before I played football for two years here. I realized my career as a player was coming to an end so I wanted to take another route with sports because I couldn't see my life without sports," Behring said.

His route is sports broadcasting. Behring is getting hands-on experience thanks to the Seminole Sports Career Institute. It was founded by head football coach and teacher Chris Miller.

"When you look up high school sports academies, what you'll find is academies geared toward the athletes. Making them bigger, faster, stronger, basketball, football but you don't find academies that are geared toward kids who want to work in the sports industry," Miller said.

Fellow coaches and staff teach and empower the students to explore all avenues in the sports industry. The students are reporting at games, taking photos, learning coaching techniques, and training in sports medicine.

"They're actually hands-on working with our trainer on campus, which is fantastic. Learning how to tape ankles and wrists and learning how to diagnose injuries," Miller said.

Miller said the academy has also helped the students with their confidence and social skills.

The Seminole Sports Career Institute launched this year and is made up of about 40 students.

Right now, the group meets after school and next year, staff will incorporate lessons into daily curriculum. To learn more, click here.