Here's your Tampa area weather forecast for late Wednesday into Thursday morning, with a look at conditions through early next week.

  • Wind from the east
  • Shifting weekend wind
  • Pattern change in March

As predicted, it was another day with a record high in the upper 80s.Tampa had a record high for the third day in a row, reaching 88. The previous record was 87, set in 1961.

Skies will be mostly clear into Thursday morning, with comfortable morning lows in the 60s, except for upper 50s in Citrus County. There will be a little bit of patchy fog, but it will burn off quickly after sunrise.

Thursday will be another warm day, with mostly sunny skies and the sea breeze staying pinned at the beach due to the strong wind from the east.

That wind will allow our highs to reach the mid to upper 80s. Although the highs will likely be a degree or two lower, we will still break the record, because the record just happens to be lower for this date at 85 degrees.

Thursday night will be mostly clear and pleasant with lows in the 60s.

Friday will wrap up this warm week with highs in the mid 80s.

This weekend will still be warm, but not as warm as it has been this week due to a winds shifting and slowly coming in from the gulf.

Those shifting winds will deliver a slight cooling effect from the cooler gulf waters.

Expect highs in the 70s at the beach, low 80s for coastal regions, and mid 80s inland.

That will be the case into Sunday as well. Skies will go between mostly sunny and partly cloudy both days with a few isolated showers in the afternoon to evening, but the rain chance will be small at about 20 percent.

Next week looks like highs will be warm but not as warm as this week, with low 80s for Monday and Tuesday.

There will technically be a front that gets close on Tuesday, but it won’t have a huge impact on our weather.

The main thing it will do is reinforce a dry air mass with a northeasterly breeze.

There are, however, some significant signs in our long term guidance that suggests a much cooler pattern could come our way for March.

We’ll continue watching it and give you more details once we have a clearer picture of when that might happen.



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